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What your looking for is already inside of you!
Revelations of a PPCC Life Coach


It's not over the horizon!
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What your looking for is already inside of you!

Have you ever been in a space of mind that you are looking for something more in life? Ever wonder why you have this niggling inside of you that creates an empty space? How many times have you tried new things in life only to realize that your cup is still empty at the end of the day? Well been there! Done that! Here is what I learned. Often I have looked through the lenses of a telescope so to speak, to find out that what I wanted to discover was not drifting out over the distance but in fact it was already waiting to be found inside of me. Well what kind of deal was this?  I never learned to look inside myself when I was in school. Did I miss the course? Was it ever offered? Well it turns out that just like much of society today, we are taught to look externally for our own happiness. Our own visions and dreams are supposed to be out there over the horizons. Well guess what? They are not! Turn the lenses of the telescope around and look directly back at yourself. What we must learn to do in life is find our passions, find our love for something and find our desires rather than looking out over the distance thinking that someone else has it waiting for us. I learned that the heart has to connect to the mind but the mind has a great deal of importance in this awakening for us. If we can dream it, envision it, smell it, feel it, taste it....then the "it", the dream we have will be inspired by the heart to go out and pursue it.  Awe...it only took most of my life to live this way and I can tell you it is a desirable and inspiring way to live and I love living this way. If you want to know more about how to life this way, contact me for more information. 

Revelations of a PPCC Life Coach

The world has a tendency to teach us new things, ideas, ways of being but more importantly of locating pathways to our own personal success in that which we choose to achieve. As I move toward the anniversary of my PPCC Coaching Certificate from Concordia University, I am blessed to be part of the lives of my coachees in a co-created partnership as they find their wings to soar. I am not certain that I really knew at the time how much this career choice was going to impact my own life. Being the example of coach like behaviour takes a great deal of work and commitment but personally, my world is a better place because of the power of the coaching relationship. When clients begin to thrive and they make the choices and take the actions that are necessary to get onto their road to personal success, it is as if new flowers have sprouted up in the forest of life, filled with colour, uniqueness and newly created aromas all of their own. Being mindful of my own coaching behaviour in life and in my career has made me a better person to work in the service of others. Today I celebrate my clients for making a difference in their own lives as we continue to move through our co-created coaching existence and thank them for making a huge difference in my life as a coach. Keep following your pathways and visions to success! 
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