I am an accomplished life coach. A certified graduate of Concordia University P.P.C.C. Coaching Program and most recently a certified Adventures in Wisdom (Youth) Coach.  

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I have always worked in the service of others from the time I was a teenager. Having  spent an amazing 27 years in education (and counting) as a teacher, Aerospace Educator, Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator, I realized that bec
oming a Life Coach was a natural step. I have worked in so many ways with mothers, parents, children, young adults and  I learned that everyone has dreams but not everyone has the self-esteem or courage to pursue it for many different reasons. I was curious to learn about how I could be of service to directly impact change for people who need a partner in the co-creation of their dreams. I wanted to be part of helping people move the mountain of fear or hesitation in their lives so they could soar above and into their own horizons.                                

  • I honour and value your intentions as we co-create a deep, meaningful  and transformational relationship. 
  • You are deserving of your future goals and life visions.
  • In partnership, in your pace and time, your dreams can transpire and become what you want them to be for your life! 
  • All information is guarded as highly confidential and all of my clients are treated with empathy and respect.
  • I have sworn an oath to serve my clients honestly and with high regard (ICF Competencies)
Ready to collaborate on your plan to get on the pathway to your life visions? 

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